EXibition Artist for Hope : 18 november-3 december to Rezé

art therapie

The artist

The origin

Born in 1978, in Ancenis from a working-class family, my childhood is told through my drawings. Creation was already evident everyday.

After obtaining a baccalaureate in specialty art, I spent a year training at the school of fine art in Angers, I then trained in pictorial decor. Afterward, I met Heloise, a French artist and creator of collectible dolls. I learned with her how to model and work with ceramics for six years.

In 2006, I opened my own workshop and started making sculptures with the theme of childhood as a tree of life. The modeling and the expression of the face are at the center of my work.

Since 15 years ago, I exposed my work everywhere, I share my creations and their stories of life. In 2020, after two years of studies in art therapy, I obtain my professional certification in order to support others in their own personal development.


Each creation follows very precise stages: drying, firing at 1000°C in a wood-fired kiln for four days, then it is sublimated by the Nepalese papers which give the unique character to each work. I like to work on the faces and their expressions, with tireless research and observation to transmit emotion to the figures.

logo ateliers d'art de france

Exhibitions of my work are increasing, and I am excited to be able to exhibit in prestigious shows and art galleries all over France. I received the label “Atelier d’art de France” in 2011.

In 2019, I studied art therapy and have started to use this discipline to help others through the use of art.

The « Earth » woman is a monument of nature, a symbol, an edifice that has been built by cycles, seasons, and events highlighting the sacred feminine. A. MUCHA, G.KLIMT, H.BERRIT, F.KAHLO, are my mentors.

For the last 15 years, I have exhibited my work in many places and have been able to share my creations and their stories of life. In 2020, after two years studying art therapy, I obtained my professional certification in order to support others with their own personal development.

Gallery ARTIS PONT AVEN, France 2012-2021

Gallery Atelier d’art de France, Talent Etoile, PARIS 2014 à 2021

Gallery art feeling  TROUVILLE, France 2020

Gallery Maznel, St VALERY SUR SOMME, France 2015-2017- 2018-2020

Gallery le TRYPHASE  Nantes, France 2020

Gest of honor exibition art Mano, St Florent le Viel, France 2018

Honorary diploma, exibition La BAULE, France 2013

ART FAIR TOURS, France 2009-2016

ART FAIR Nantes France 2012- 2014

ART FAIR Maison et Objet , Caft, Paris, France 2014-2015

ART FAIR ART SHOPPING PARIS, Carousel du Louvre, France 2017